Latvian-English Translations

My name is Olgerts Eglitis. I am a Latvian-English-Russian translator and interpreter based in Scotland, UK. I have over 25 years of mostly full-time experience as a translator and interpreter. In my home country, Latvia, I worked in this capacity since 1992.

Since 2008 I work in Scotland. I interpret between English, Latvian and Russian. I translate from English into Latvian and from Latvian/Russian into English. My basic specialisation is legal translations, but I also translate in areas such as: local government, health, education, business, banking, economy, personal documents (birth, death, marriage certificates, education certificates, wills, medical reports, etc.).

I have a Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (in Scottish Law) and am a Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, based in London.

The dictionary available on this website (English-Latvian Legal Dictionary) is a result of my translation work, developed and augmented over the years. I am happy to share it with any colleagues and anyone interested. Please, send any comments, suggestions or questions to Thank you.

And if you need a Latvian-English translation or an English-Latvian translation or a translation from Russian into English of any legal or other documents, please be free to email me at: or